In the Quiet Country
In the quiet country, we’ll find an abandoned baby fox, and we’ll take it home with us and raise it as our own.We’ll name him Felix. :)
In the quiet country, I’ll type love letters to you with an old vintage typewriter, and leave them in random places around the house for you to eventually find.
In the quiet country, we will take long, thoughtful walks through the beautiful woods, holding hands, smiling at each other, stopping in the middle of the trails to kiss. I’ll twirl around in the fallen leaves as you laugh at me for acting like a child at heart.Of course, on these walks, we will have to let the dogs tag along.
In the quiet country, our home will be decorated with dreamcatchers in every room.
In the quiet country, we’ll build random forts and tents in the forest made out of sheets and quilts and we’ll stuff with pillows and sweets and a few packs of bottled beers. We’ll make our forts glow with lanterns, and place a path of little candles and rose pedals to the entrance of our make-shift bunk.
In the quiet country, we will own many animals, especially dogs, but a Husky will be amongst the first.
In the quiet country, I’ll read books, drink coffee, and write to my heart’s content.
In the quiet country, every night, we’ll have campfires and sit around telling stories about our past life and what we dream for the future. We’ll lay down a few blankets on the grass and snuggle by the fire under the stars, while we kiss, drink hot coffee, laugh, and wish upon the moon.